Eating Healthy is Fun!

Why Kids love Chantenay Carrots (and so will you!)

We all know it can sometimes be a challenging task to get our children to eat a
variety of vegetables. Carrots tend to be popular with children for their sweet
taste and crunchy texture, and with Chantenay there’s even more benefits that
make them really popular:

  • One carrot snugly fits into the hand of a small child, no need to chop up or prepare they come ready to eat
  • 4 carrots fit neatly into a lunchbox providing a great tasting and healthy lunch with no mess
  • Chantenay taste great raw, almost like a fruit – great for picnics, snacks and eating on the go
  • Great finger food, eat as many as you like on their own or with a dip
  • Munch on them before dinner or tea and they won’t fill you up
  • No peeling, just roast, steam, boil, mash, stir fry, put in salads
  • No wrapping, no core, no pips and no waste!

Chantenay carrots are available at most supermarkets all year round.